Profit Metrics

Profit Metrics is a 3 stage program                                    

  1. What needs fixing- a diagnostic discovery phase including our unique 100 point health check and report with recommendations' (much like an NRMA inspection on a car)
  2.  Fixing- is a 7-13 week program (depending on t/o) to embed best practice across the 5-Pillars of financial management;Strategy, Reporting, Budgeting,Forecasting and Cash-flow management
  3. Staying Fixed- Left to their own devices, people naturally gravitate back to doing things their own way. Ongoing oversight keeps the bar set at a high level, so things don't revert back the way they were previously.

Virtual CFO


As a Fellow of CPA and CA, with an MBA and over 30 years of experience, across both public and private companies. David’s expertise helps to actively manage as well as improve processes and controls of your existing business on an ‘outsourced’ or ‘on demand CFO’ basis.


He can help to formulate winning strategies, build growth plans, offer M&A assistance and has a proven track record in implementation.


David is a committee member of the Association of Virtual CFO’s


He has extensive expertise in the Maritime, Road Transport and Construction sectors

Engine Room


Our ‘bolt-on back-office solution’ is an optimal alternative, to that of opening an office and employing dedicated support staff of your own. Utilize a slice of our capacity and capability rather than attempting to build it yourself. Enjoy the synergies and efficiency of using dedicated professionals on an as-needs basis.


We partner with a leading offshore outsourced transaction processing centre who deliver high value at a cost-effective price.




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