We specialise in providing outsource CFO services for companies typically turning over between $2- $30 Million …mainly in the Maritime, Road Transport and Construction sectors


A lot of small business owners – despite having a bookkeeper, a tax accountant and substantial turnover – have monthly results and cash-flow that are volatile, unpredictable and often disappointing.


To use an analogy, on a cold wet evening you need a warm dry place to sleep. In order for you to have that you require a roof over your head, walls to hold up the roof and foundations to hold up the walls. Turning this analogy to business; if you want to ‘build’ a solid, sustainable business you require reliability and predictability. In order to get that you need the ‘5 pillars’ Budget, Reporting, Forecasting, Cash flow management and Strategy.


We have developed our unique methodology calling it Profit Metrics and created a program to embed this 5-pillared financial ecosystem to deliver reliability and predictability.


“We can not fix our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”

Albert Einstein

Successful businesses produce rock solid numbers which allows owners to get out in front, anticipate, be strategic, seize opportunities or mitigate mitigate and make the best decisions to boosts their bottom line.


To often, we talk to owners that are getting dragged into daily financial problems and pulled away from what they should be focusing on; their clients needs and growing their businesses.


We do this because behind every business is a family. We are on a mission to help owners extract every ounce of value from their businesses so their families can prosper.